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How hard is it to have a php listings page?

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  • How hard is it to have a php listings page?

    Im looking for admin saving tricks here

    I dont know any server side stuff at all, and im looking to see if i can set up some kind of database to build dynamic pages on my site.

    My company is rock band/club promotions and all i want is a really simple way of updating my gig listings as they change so often!!!

    The page as it stands is www.suicidenotesmusic.net/listings and yes i know it looks crap table-wise, im gonna post in another thread about how to improve.

    So how hard would it be to have it that i can input it via some web based form (password protected or something so only i can do it) that would have the following fields


    I'm not worried about search functionality yet - just for it to only display future dates (IE not past ones) though even thats not uber-important.

    Is this worth doing for the small amount of info i use or shall i just stick with manually inserting rows in the table?


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    I would certainly move towards a server side updating system. That way you can change your site from work/school/library etc

    You would first have to build the form and assign it an action, for example addgig.php your also need to give it a method, I'd use post. DOnt ask me why though.

    Then, in the form fields assign them each a name

    in addgig.php, you will want to write a mysql statement to insert the values and connect to the db. Then just echo something to let you know if it worked. Sorry I know it gives you no code but Ive just realised the time. Just say which bits you can do


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      I actually know nothing about it. Im proficient in HTML and CSS but thats it I'm afraid!!!

      I don't really know how to set up MYSQL but I know that my server allows it.

      I can update from anywhere coz my host is pretty good i reckon, u can edit it in HTML forms on their website so its do-able but untidy code and i want to move with the times!


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        You can find many ready made event calendar scripts around

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