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    I have a problem with resizing images with the gd-library, and I would really like someone with the a big "thinking-hat" to give me some help...

    Here are some background:
    I try to write a script that will recieve an uploaded file, save it to a temporary directory. From that file I want to create a thumbnail and a copy of the original image in a size that I choose. Just to get the big image to fit on the page. After that I deletes the temporary file.

    The problem:
    On my own server everything works just fine. On the hotel, where I have my site, I have the two files created but they are empety (0 bytes).
    I have a feeling that it is the "imagecreatefromjpeg-function" that are causing my problems. I have read that if the submitted jpeg are crapped up, the function will only create an empety string. I have tried with booth big and small files but there are no change in the behaviour. Are there any way to check if the image are ok?
    I have seen similar scripts working on the same hotel, so I'm sure they have all the libs installed to get things working.
    I have no errormessages and my "box with ideas" are almost empety.

    I submit a piece of the code, with the functions for creating the images, and hope that someone would be nice to give me some hints...

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