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  • another mail question

    I have a question I have 1 site where you click on buttons and it never leaves that page. That is what I want it to do, but when you click on the contact button it puts up the contact info, but when you click on the submit button I want it send the mail with a click event. Most of the time when you click a button it sends you to a page and says that your mail has been sent. With my mine I do not want it to do this. I want it to send it back the to main page, which is the first page that the program starts out on. My problem is that when I you look at the site I get a blank e-mail when you click on a button I get another blank e-mail an then when you click the submit button I get an e-mail with your info...is there a way to do what I want, if so some help would be greatly appreciated...sry about the long post

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    put your mail() function in an if statement:

    $button3 = $_POST['Submit3'];

    just make sure your button on the final page is named Submit3.. i hope you get my drift, it sounds like your mail() function is just sitting loosely to be used every time you access the page. this should fix it.
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      That did it

      That did it...thanks a lot for your help thanks again