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  • Yahoo Real Time Inventory Help

    I know this is probably a very simple question, I'm trying to get Yahoo's real time inventory for merchant solutions to work on the actual web page as well as the shopping cart. Yahoo handles the shopping cart part of it but I'm trying to get the inventory to work on page. Here's what info I have if I'm not supplying enough let me know and I'll see what else I can find out.

    How it works:

    In order to perform realtime inventory check, a merchant needs to provide URL of a script which will be queried by the system. (You can find a sample script here.)

    Inventory will be checked first when a new item is added to the cart and subsequently when the user confirms an order.
    The above part has already been done


    All requests will be sent as POST requests with item information sent in <key>=<value> format as described below:
    .catalog=<catalog name>&
    .code=<item code>&
    .id=<item id>
    Note the "." preceding each of the keys above. This list is followed by the item attribute list, if any.

    Yahoo sends the following request so I imagine mine should look something like this but this is where I get lost:

    When you enter the URL for your script in your store Manager, we will verify it by sending the following request:

    .catalog=<your catalog name>&

    The script should respond with the following header information:
    Available: <any integer value>

    The page where I am finding this is: http://store.yahoo.com/rtinv.html