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record IP address and write to text file

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  • record IP address and write to text file

    Please someone show me how to record viewer's ip and write it to a text file.

    I have a very little knowledge of PHP.


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    Check out this link for grabbing a visitor's ip address:
    Founded in 1997, DEVShed is the perfect place for web developers to learn, share their work, and build upon the ideas of others.

    Check out this link for writing to a file:

    EDIT: for some reason it's throwing these stars into this url... but it's supposed to be p r o g r a m m i n g t a l k . c o m

    EDIT2: had to put the spaces in between cuz of the stars... what's up with that anyway? competition? enemies? cuz that was annoying...

    Hope that helps,
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      Sad - I guess people feel threatened by sites that might be better than them. Static conglomerate versus dynamic people-site.........


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        But the way I see it is that all these forum sites are out to help people like us. If they've got some answers to our questions, and we've got some answers to their questions, I don't see why we can't just link them -- as opposed to rewriting the answer.

        It's like copy pasting code -- just put it into a function, right?

        We already post links, so that's not the issue, but... Oh well, if it really is an issue, I love this site and I only use it and Google to figure stuff out. If Google sends me someplace where an answer lies, that's where I'll end up.

        Anyway, who cares. This is a dumb posting, sorry if I offended the people that run this site.



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          thank you so much for the links


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            ....I posted on this forum a code that I developed. It records my visitors IP address to a txt file along with the time and pages they visit on my site. A poster also added an improvement to the code. The link is below.

            Leonard Whistler
            Leonard Whistler