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    i have created a search page. But i don know how to make it work as the user wanted to search for their thing and click on the search it will display out the things that the user wanted in php coding? can someone help me cos i m doing a school project.

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    Since this is a school project we cannot write the code for you as that would be cheating. You need to ask more specific questions and we can guide you in the right direction by answering those questions.
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      I'm sure that however good the system is, If you don't know exactly what you've supposedly done, you wont get good marks.

      How much do you know already? Do you know how to display ANY data from a database? you should start by googling it. As I said you may want to choose a project more suited to your knowledge, and just learn php in your spare time


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        www.w3schools.com have a good php tutorials if your not sure about php at all, Im not really sure of many php tutorial sites, as Ive learnt mostly from existing code and then looking things up on www.php.net
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