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    If this has been discussed, let me know, but I have a site that includes some PHP. I didnt write it and know little about it. The guy who did the php/mysql database also inserted it into my page. I am redesiging the site and doing it in FLASH but have no idea how to get the php stuff to show up.

    I have sucessfuylly gotten the text of a text file to show up using the loadvariables and then adding a dynamic text box and pointing the VAR to it.

    I've tried a few different things to adapt this to the php, but no luck.

    The PHP portion im looking to move over is the "appearing next" table which fills automatically with the next 3 shows from the tour page which pulls from a db.

    here is the original page that the other guy made:

    The page you are looking for doesn't exist or has been moved.

    any help on how to get it from there to a flash movie would be great. i mean, im not sure what a php variable even really looks like so im not sure how to point to it. ive been looking for a good tutorial but they tend to assume you know alot about actionscrit or a lot about php.. ive got not alot of either.


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    Here's a link to a tutorial regarding PHP/Flash/mySQL:

    As far as the PHP code is concerned, it's tough to say whether you can merely copy+paste it over, as this depends on what the code is doing. I haven't really ever used Flash (I found Swish and stuck to the easiness! I don't know if you'd be able to integrate Swish with PHP, it's pretty limited in that respect...

    You may either want to read up on some PHP tutorials and learn PHP and how it works, then learn Flash, and then check out that link at the top of this post...

    If you're uninterested in learning PHP, you'll probably have to hire someone to give you a hand with it...

    Good luck with it,