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Dream Project, need help!

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  • Dream Project, need help!

    I am going to create some kind of project which is for users to sign up and post their art.....since i suck at coding but rock at designing i thought i'd came up with a suggestion....
    If there's someone out there that's in for a project, check this :

    What i want and need is some scripts written in PHP and maybe for databases use MySQL.

    I want a site where users are able to sign up, login, change preferences, have their own user page, post art under a category, add comments to eachothers art, fave eachothers art [only 1 per image] and stuff like that.

    I also want an admin area where admins can manage / view / ban users from the user list, add news, add links to the links section, add and delete categories, and stuff like that.

    I will be doing the design and i'm looking for some people to do the coding with

    This would be like a dream becoming reality........
    The reward will and can be talked about.

    Thanks, and please email me if your interested, also feel free to add me to :

    ICQ : 345170497
    AIM : obstrktdesigns
    MSN : [email protected]

    Thanks allot!
    Wanna teach a guy like me PHP ? Take your best shot!

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    I'm working on something EXACTLY like that, except users will be able to submit tutorials (Obviously we can change that). It will have all the features you asked for too.. It's about 1/6 of the way done, but in a month I expect it to be completed. When it's done, I'll let you know.