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very urgent, please help

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  • very urgent, please help

    whats wrong with this code......its showing me duplicates of question_title??? I wrote the DISTINCT so that i wont have any?

    PHP Code:
    $query_forum "SELECT DISTINCT question_title, name, date, sort_date FROM forum ORDER BY sort_date DESC";
    $query_limit_forum sprintf("%s LIMIT %d, %d"$query_forum$startRow_forum$maxRows_forum);
    $forum mysql_query($query_limit_forum$cnpa) or die(mysql_error());
    $row_forum mysql_fetch_assoc($forum); 
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    You need to read and abide by our posting guidelines before creating any more topics. Specifically section 2 of our penal code

    2) Type in a subject that summarizes your question- A great way to turn off other members wanting to help you is to type an incomplete or silly subject for your post. Examples of poor subject titles include:

    - "Help!"
    - "I'm a newbie...be gentle"
    - "How can I..."
    - "Urgent...deadline tomorrow!"

    The above subjects either have absolutely nothing to do with the question itself, or are grossly incomplete (ie: "How can I..."). When asking for help, enter a subject that summarizes your question, period! Don't use silly, incomplete, or "bait" subjects. Some examples of good titles are:

    - "How do I round a number to 2 decimal places using JavaScript?"
    - "What's the difference between require() and include() in PHP?"
    - "Can someone suggest a good, free HTML editor?"
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      im sorry Spookster, i didnt mean to break the rules, this forum has been a great help to me so i dont want to cause any harm. It's been a bad day then something happened to make it even worst.

      again, sorry


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        your query is working you are just asking the wrong question
        try someting along the lines of ...

        "SELECT question_title, name, date, sort_date FROM forum GROUP BY question_title"
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