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problem populating select box via php

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  • problem populating select box via php

    Hi, I am having a problem with the following code:-
    PHP Code:
    $skills_query "SELECT skill_id, skill_name FROM skills";
    $skills_result mysql_query($skills_query);
    $num_rows_skills mysql_num_rows($skills_result); 
    "<tr><td> Skills </td><td><select name='skillID[]' size='5' multiple";
       while (
    "<option value='$skill'>";
    It is meant to populate a select box in a form with whatever is returned from the query. For some reason it does it, but always misses out the first entry from the database. It does retrieve all values as i can print them all, but as soon as I want them in a select box the first value is missed out. Anybody any ideas?

    Im not sure of the source of this problem so i apologise if it isnt classed as a php problem :-)

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    sorry, my fault - ive just had another look at it and realised that i have missed a > from the select ...

    Sorry for being a dumbass!!


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      Lol, we all make those simple mistakes that mess up your code