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    How do you do php ive been wondering

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    "How do you do php?" What kind of question is that?
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      Re: Help (n00b help)

      Originally posted by c_griff13.5
      How do you do php ive been wondering
      You need to read our posting guidelines before creating any more topics.

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        well it's a really perverse act involving sheep and a rutebega.

        C'mon, dude (ette?). This kinda open-ended question leads to.....people bashing you, really dumb answers (like "I dunno. Like you do the Dew"), and general poor attitudes.

        To answer what I seriously hope you were asking,

        read the sticky at the top (link here), go to http://www.php.net and read the manual, and head over to http://www.phpbuilder.net and look at some of their tutorials.

        This forum isn't meant to teach, but to aid in learning and questions you may have regarding more specific topics. Questions like "how do you code <insert language>" well....ya just don't do it.

        what kind of responses do you think you might receive if you posted on another board

        "How do I drive a car?"

        You'd get some snide remarks. People here are great, have lots of information to share, and are more than eager to help you learn and fix your problems.

        If you're really serious about learning, do a google search for "php tutorial" or "php beginning" or something like that. And consider getting a book. They're wonderful resources that you can always keep around as reference material. Even though I rely heavily on the php online manual, websites, and bulletin boards like this one, I still have 4 php books!

        Do some self research, and if you're still having problems, let us know.