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    I have a form for a user to fill in and send the data to a php page which will insert the data into a MySQL database.

    I would like to create a session for the user and insert the session is into the database along with the other values that the user specified. Once the data has been inserted I would like the session to expire so they cannot hit the back button and re-submit the form.

    Any ideas on how to do this? I've searched the web but no joy.

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    actually you dont want the session to expire

    set a unique id as your session value

    PHP Code:
    if( !isset( 
    $_SESSION['submitted'] ) ){
    $_SESSION['submitted'] = uniqidmktime() ) ;
    now check the database for the value of $_SESSION['submitted'] before you enter anything in , if that session id does not exist then they can insert.
    better still make the session_id field in the database unique and it will be ignored silently (check mysql_error() to see what happened)

    Now that wont stop anyone from closing all browsers and revisiting your site as the session is now lost , but you can also set a cookie with that session_id as well which will persist longer (for those with cookies enabled)

    &b4 anyone mentions it , you can't rely on the IP !
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