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wierd automatic escape chars??

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  • wierd automatic escape chars??

    I am building a form that takes information and puts it in a database. Several form inputs are textboxes. I have it set up so the user can move back and forth through several pages and change their info before ultimately submitting it to the database. When an apostrophe is put into a text box and submitted and then the page is returned to, it will have a backslash in front of it i.e. don't turns into don\'t which then turns into don\\\'t etc... Its like its putting in escape chars for the apostrophe, then for the apostrophe and the backslash and so on. How it works is it gets the $_POST value and sets the appropriate $_SESSION value to the post. When the page is returned to, the textbox is filled in from the $_SESSION value. I know that the escaping is happening immediately because if I echo both the $_POST and $_SESSION on the next page, they both contain the phenomena. Anyone seen this before?

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    uhh nevermind, i stumbled across stripslashes() in another thread