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Practical to Communciate with Remote Access DB?

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  • Practical to Communciate with Remote Access DB?

    I have seen threads here saying that it is technically possible to communicate from a linux based site using php with a remote server access database under windows server. For instance, say there is a corporate database on a server on the other side of the country which is an access database under windows server and the site is on a linux server -- is it at all practical to communicate with that access database to do user and password checks before allowing access to restricted portions of the php driven site?


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    Hi yes it can be done but normally requires a commercial application of some sort .. google ads below saved me googling for a sample! http://www.openlinksw.com/ there are others as well , hopefully some open source versions somewhere ?

    Parhaps an easier method (also without the security issue of allowing remote connections to your accessDB) is just to mirror the access DB authentication table to your online database?
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      Thanks very much... By 'mirror', you mean copy the table over periodically?