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404 not found pages in php script

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  • 404 not found pages in php script

    I have a php script that does photo rating. The people who wrote it have no support even though I paid for support. When you click on one of the photos I get a 404 error. I have the code so if needed I can paste code here in the forum.

    Here is a link

    Ugly-kitchenindex - Scripteen Ajax Photo Rating

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    First of all, we don't have enough information to answer your question.

    Is your website a sub-domain of this domain? https://www.newportbeach.com/
    Meaning that they offer a business a site within their website server?

    The page you are having problems with is different than all of the other pages. It has to do with people submitting photos of their ugly kitchens ... how does that happen? So however they get uploaded, they are ending-up somewhere, or not getting uploaded. Because that page looks different, I'm wondering if it is coming from a different site or directory. Sort of like they just "included" it, or it's an output from another script.

    What should happen when you click on a thumbnail? Will the image load on a blank white page, or will it use lightbox, or what?


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      I tried to fix the problem.

      Here is the .htaccess.

      Options +FollowSymlinks

      RewriteEngine on
      RewriteBase /
      RewriteRule my\-account$ my-account.php [L]
      RewriteRule me$ me.php [L]
      RewriteRule terms$ terms.php [L]
      RewriteRule top$ top.php [L]
      RewriteRule logout$ logout.php [L]
      RewriteRule upload$ upload.php [L]
      RewriteRule photo\-(.*)$ single-photo.php?id=$1 [L]
      RewriteRule user\-(.*)$ users.php?u=$1 [L]

      I tried a fix. I disabled the .htaccess. I changed /photo- to single-photo.php?id=# and I still get a 404 error.


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        It is a sub domain. the photos are in the up directory and the photo names are in the database. It looks like there is a problem in the htaccess.


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          These lines ...

          <a href="/single-photo.php?id=$9">

          should not have the $ in front of the number.

          Focus on getting this script to work, manually from the browser address box ...
          Ugly-kitchensingle-photo - #5 Scripteen Ajax Photo Rating

          Going there, it does not get the 404 error, so it exists. The PHP script just isn't displaying the number 5 photo.

          Post your PHP script called single-photo.php

          Once again I'll mention that we don't know 'how' the photo should display. By using a link such as what you're doing, it may display, but on a new page (refresh). Is it your intention to display the full size photo on a new page? Or are you thinking it will pop-up like a lightbox JQuery photo? Should you just make that ugly kitchen page look and work like the rest of your site?
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            I got it working without the htaccess.