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  • login script help

    <H1>My Login Form<br>

    <span class="style2">xxxx. </span><br>
    <em><span class="style1">xxx
    <FORM METHOD="POST" ACTION="pg3.php">


    <INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="user">



    <INPUT TYPE="password" NAME="password"></p>

    <P><INPUT TYPE="SUBMIT" NAME="submit" VALUE="Login"></P>




    This code takes me into pg3.php Lets say I want to add a link from pg3.php to a page called pg4.php how would I adjust the above script to also handle the pg4.php. If I simply add a link someone could type in my url.pg4.php and get directly to the page and I do not want that

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    If the password is correct in pg3.php, you set a SESSION variable. Any other pages after that would need to have a valid SESSION or they would not display. So nobody could access those pages anyhow (unless they had entered the correct password). How secure does your site (pages) need to be? I assume this is just for a personal site that doesn't get many visitors?