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    Hello! I am from Ukraine and I don't know a lot about people from civilized countries. I really want to ask you a question. Please, answer me honestly.

    What do you think about paid courses from the internet ? I mean most people in Ukraine and Russia don't like pay... They always looking for ways to get the products for free. They go to the Torrent and get almost everything they want. So, what is your opinion? Is it normal to pay for a course ... 80-100$ ? Or maybe it's better to find it for free? =)

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    Honestly, most "paid" courses online are just scams. 90% of the time you can find a free tutorial or video that's worth the next six "paid courses".

    Mind you, quality across the board is pretty spotty, but that's why learning from multiple sources is important.

    ... and you could do worse than just going through the manual at php.net and trying out the various examples.
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      Paid internet courses are worthless. A paid classroom course is a different matter but then it can still depend on whether the person teaching the course is teaching current or outdated code. If they are teaching outdated code because it is part of a qualification then they should also be showing you the current equivalent.
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