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Notice: Array to string conversion

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  • Notice: Array to string conversion

    Hi;everybody .I am required to fetch some data from db.But I am getting this error at this line
    Notice: Array to string conversion <span><?php echo ["konu_tarih"];?></span>

    what is wrong here?

    this is my code

    PHP Code:
    $islem = @$_GET["islem"];

    switch ($islem) {
        case "iletisim":
            echo "ddd";
        case "hakkimda":
            $v = $db->prepare("select * from konular");
            $m = $v->fetchAll(2);

            foreach ($m as $xx) {

                <div class="konu">
                    <h3><?php echo $xx["konu_baslik"]; ?></h3>
                   <h5>   Ekleyen : <?php echo $xx["konu_ekleyen"]; ?></h5>
                    <span><?php echo ["konu_tarih"];?></span>




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    The expression
    denotes an array containing a single string. I'm fairly sure that's not what you want. You probably mean
    This denotes an item of the $xx array.

    The code in general is weird. Why would you create a prepared statement and pass zero parameters to it? Simply call the query() method. What's up with the fetchAll(2)? If the 2 is supposed to specify the fetch mode, use one of the PDO constants instead (e.g. PDO::FETCH_ASSOC). Better yet, define a default fetch mode when you instantiate the PDO class so that you don't have to repeat it over and over again.


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      And get rid of the @. Don't suppress errors. Fix them.
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        Thank you so much


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          Never use select *

          You should always specify the exact fields you want to have returned so as to not expose fields you don't need to potential security holes.
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