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Where do I start in creating a page on my site to upload, convert & download videos?

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    Great job getting to this point, your learning as i did. Many VPS hosts lists of what they dont do is longer than what they do, of course they dont tell you that on the host website do they... For some reason i have always had issues with most "not all" hosts when trying to get my customers server loaded with FFMPEG, i dont know why they are so afraid of it, its been around for ages yet many of them have attitudes when you ask them to install it. Maybe its a legal issue i dont know.

    But anyway yes follow those instructions, be sure you get rid of the files you uploaded before hand. The reason it did not work when you copied the files is because servers have files in multiple folders when installed, (not just the one you load), if the server does not see the correct folder/files in the correct location it wont work. That is why installing from server command line is the right way to do it.

    Also make sure you enable the 'type" command on the server...

    try this line of code on the server command line

    type -P ffmpeg
    // you can also try  although using type is how i check for ffmpeg in php so be sure type works.
    ffmpeg -version
    let me know if that works, if it does then ffmpeg is installed on the server
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    I am not crazy, my computer had me checked but its on dialup and im still waiting for results :)
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      Hi durangod, apologies for not posting sooner. I have not implemented any of your solutions yet as its been one helluva couple of months for me. It may be a while yet as there are other pressing issues (legalland-wise) at the moment.


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        Hey durangod, I have at last followed your instructions from post number 4 and got an error. See image below:
        Click image for larger version

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        It went into a loop and tried to do the same steps after the failure (quite a few timesI might add) but didn't get anywhere. Any ideas?