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how to create a multipage registration form ?

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  • how to create a multipage registration form ?

    hi all friends
    please help to create multipage registration form like this
    1st-student information
    2nd-parental information
    3rd-fees information
    and all goes to mysql database after submission 3rd step.
    please help me with code
    thanks in advance

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    There are a couple of ways you can achieve what you want. Have multiple pages that have your forms on them and then carry forward the values from the previous input's into hidden inputs on the next form. Or, save them after every page to the sql or whatever table, meaning you can easily implement a 'save and come back to' feature. Or, just have one massive long form
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      I think saving each page in a MySQL table is the best way.

      Let's say that a student fills out his/her portion and needs the
      parent to do the next step. They submit the first form and leave
      for the day. The next day, the parent goes in, and it knows that
      the first page is done, and continues on.

      Also note ... a secure server should be used because this sounds like
      it contains sensitive personal data. That being said, the scripting you
      do should be rock-solid secure. If you're just learning PHP, I would say
      this project should be checked by a professional programmer when
      you are done.