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    My school has an online portal where I can check what classes I have for the day, if teachers are sick, read news etc.
    I want to make an iPhone Web Application for this, and I want to read content from the site using either file_get_contents() or cURL, but it gives me error code 401 "The server requires authorization to fulfill the request.".

    Is there a way to create a login field on my website which sends the login information to a given URL and authenticates me, so that I can read content from the website?

    The site runs https://

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    I assume you have to log-in to get your class information?

    This is something that should really be handled by the school.
    They can (but probably won't) create an API that you can use
    to access information with some sort of ID tag.

    The next best thing would be an XML file (RSS feed), if they offered that.

    I'm not a CURL expert, but I would guess a secure server could
    not be $_POSTed from an outside server ... to duplicate the log-in.