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phpinfo not displaying

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  • phpinfo not displaying

    I have just loaded apache and php on my new laptop.

    Apache is working and if I can run a Hello World php file but if I run phpinfo I just get a blank html page.

    Any ideas on what could be wrong?

    Thanks Sue

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    Did you print the return value of phpinfo?

    PHP Code:
    echo phpinfo(); 
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      Originally posted by dolrichfortich View Post
      Did you print the return value of phpinfo?

      PHP Code:
      echo phpinfo(); 
      You don't need to print it. The function outputs text by itself. Unless you mean to echo out the return value of true/false if it was successful or not? But then again if it is not outputting the info then I don't think finding out it returns false will be very helpful
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        Thanks for replying.

        This is a new laptop and the phpinfo prog works on the other PC.
        I am trying to set up everything with the latest versions of Apache, PHP etc and I think it is the setup or the config changes - something.

        Need to find what to download from PHP - not that obvious - for Windows 7 64 bit. Just for development.
        Using Apache 2.2 and MySql

        Do I really have to build it myself??



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            Originally posted by suejoh View Post
            Do I really have to build it myself??
            If you've never installed Apache & PHP before it's far easier to use something like WAMP, XAMPP, etc.