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    Okay so I have created my code to setup a admin to login into the admin panel and do the following so far: add posts, edit posts, add widgets, edit widgets, delete posts, site statistics and so forth.

    Basically the code is hosted on my localhost using Mamp. My url structure for blog posts is basically index.php?id=2 2 meaning a single post view.

    I would like to make it so where when the admin is adding a post there is a text field where the admin will enter his META keywords. Once the user hits the submit button it will update the META keywords in the Header just for that page ID.

    Any idea how to perform this? Hope you can help.


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    This is far from trivial and something that I would personally say is too indepth for a forum. You would basically have to have an admin form, that saved the details to the database, then on the front end have PHP code to get the field from the database and display it in the HEAD of the page.