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SIMPLE image gallery script

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  • SIMPLE image gallery script


    Im looking for a very simple image galler script that contains, an uploading form for image, and a second form showing the image.

    I have tried in hours searching on the net and i only find script with over 500files, wich i feel is very stupid. Or i only find an upload image script :S!

    So do you know any one simple with as few files as possible?

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    Are you using a MySQL database?
    How many photos are you talking about?
    Do they require a caption for each one?
    Will they be assigned a number for grouping or categories?
    Will people be commenting on them, or voting?

    Think about the features you will be adding as you go along.
    Pretty soon, you'll have a script with 500 files?

    What are your specifications at this point?