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  • PHP File Location

    Hey Guys,

    I've installed a web server onto Ubuntu (LAMP)

    I've got access to phpmyadmin and i've got a php file with this calendar im trying to install.

    Any idea's where I put this file and how to view it on my website (using html)

    Cheers in advance

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    Typically your webserver's file system is in a folder called htdocs, sometimes httpdocs, but you can configure Apache to point that anywhere.

    Is this web server of yours outward facing? You should be able to use its IP address like:

    If you have a domain assigned to that IP address then use the domain.

    If this is a inward facing web server, you can use your home IP address:

    Or even


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      Yeah my IP is something like I think. I can also just type "localhost" into the web browser and it opens the website im working on