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Finding a good PHP/AJAX File Manager

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  • Finding a good PHP/AJAX File Manager

    So I'm searching on Google for a nice, simple, AJAX/PHP file manager that works. All examples I've tried have some little thing wrong with them. File upload, directory create, image preview, moving files, downloading files.

    If anyone has found a nice free script, that is a "stand-alone" script, that doesn't take a computer major to operate the UI, and will work without MySQL ... let me know.

    I found one called "Relay" that looked so promising, but the website is dead.
    Others use "fancybox" for image preview, doesn't work on some browsers.
    Another one crashes when I try to upload a script, but everything else works.

    It's just so frustrating, because I can't find simple script that works without troubleshooting.

    If anyone has any good ideas, please let me know.


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    If you are looking for a powerful file manager ready to use in your web projects and simple to customize, take a look at the link below, list has very good options

    let me know any more help


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      Thanks for the recommendation. Now if I can just get wordpress wrapped around one.
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        I've decided to select AjaXplorer ... I'll let you know how it goes.



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          anyone integrated this with wordpress?
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            I have it running stand-alone, but with one puzzling problem.
            If I use Ajaxplorer, it works fine ... but if I then try to access
            my webhost account using FTP (filezilla), it does not connect.
            If I wait a while, it works.

            So Ajaxplorer must be doing something to my webhost server to
            cause it to stop the FTP until a certain timeout occurs.

            I haven't solved this one yet.