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    Hey guys,

    I just had an idea for a project, and wanted to get any feedback people had, and kind of whether or not anyone would find a site like the one I had in mind useful. Maybe the "web projects" forum would have a better place to post, but we'll see what happens here.

    So the idea would be message board based. I could probably have an early version up later tonight using PHPBB if I really wanted. I have a domain in mind. The idea would be a public think tank for coders. A place where you could bounce project ideas off other people, and maybe do some networking or recruiting for projects you were working on, or were looking to start. Get others behind an idea. Maybe the forums would be broken down by what category your project fell under... is it social media, is it open source software, is it a commercial venture, ect.

    Maybe something like this already exists; I don't know why it wouldn't. The only problem I see, is the intellectual property thing. Whats to keep someone from stealing ideas posted to the site. I guess what is to keep someone from stealing this? Maybe its not such a good idea. It just seems like there are a lot of coders out there, many of whom have some good ideas. I thought it would be interesting to try to bring all these ideas to one place with like minds.
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    Yeah the biggest problem would be stealing ideas. Why post good ideas and have some random person take it? Personally I wouldn't use a site like this, only maybe to find partners and privately discuss with them about the idea. Even then you wouldn't know who to trust. Overall I don't see you getting a lot of traffic.