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    Hi guys,

    I'm not sure where I should be posting this, so I figured I'd chuck it here. Any information regarding what I want to do is appreciated.

    My aim is to make a webpage that shows the current local time of different places that I choose. I am currently working with a team of people located around the world, and would like a defined webpage they can go to and check what time it is in their co-workers time zone. I want to make it easier, and so that when they want to see what time it is somewhere else they don't have to search the internet for each individual person.

    Is this possible? I'm not sure what language I would be using to do this, or if it is far out of my league. Any help/comments/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    It is possible. Check date_default_timezone_set for more information.


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      Thank you for your reply gvre. However I keep getting errors regarding php.ini - which I'm not sure how to edit and am concerned my editing may disrupt PHP usage for my server.

      Is there any advice you can give or example codes you know of? Thanks again.


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        Could you send the error message?


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          You might check out the post by Philip M here.
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            Thanks for your replies. This is exactly what I'm looking for:

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            Is this too difficult? Cheers!