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Can Any one help me with the PHP Query

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  • Can Any one help me with the PHP Query

    I have tried to add the blog post and its also shows me the message that blog has been created successfully but it doesnot display on front. can you please let me know the reason?

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    Yeah sure, it's line 1307 of your include.utils.php file within the subdirectory of /system which is inside /code.

    Take a look there and you'll find the fault. Change the code to this:

    PHP Code:
    //Tell forum what the problem is
    $In more_detail();

    //Let them know what software I'm using
    $Program $Software_Name;

    //Give exact error messages

    //Disable mind reading mode
    You should find that does it for you
    "Tango says double quotes with a single ( ' ) quote in the middle"
    '$Name says single quotes with a double ( " ) quote in the middle'
    "Tango says double quotes ( \" ) must escape a double quote"
    '$Name single quotes ( \' ) must escape a single quote'


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      BAhaha oh man, Tango.. That is just too fun lol

      Ryan, what he is saying is you need to tell us more for us to help you. lol
      Notice: If you post a problem and it gets fixed, please remember to go back and place it as solved. ;)
      I always recommend the HEAD First series of books for learning a new coding language. ^_^