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converting to utf-8

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  • converting to utf-8

    Hi i have a greek customer that needs to type greek characters using one of my files. The file is currently ANSI and i dont know that much about it but will saving all my php files in utf-8 solve this issue, is that the norm now to save everything as utf-8 by default.

    i did find this..

    Does that mean he can use that in his php ini and convert them on his end without me having to resave 614 files here?

    If i did convert is there a way to easily batch it?

    Also wanted to ask, this is only a 26.00 script he has, im wondering if it might be better to just give him his money back and move on without having to totally turn my script upside down over 26 bucks and one customer that is one in a 1000 situation..
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    I am not crazy, my computer had me checked but its on dialup and im still waiting for results :)
    A good way to remember objects from arrays is you shoot objects with arrows Example: $name->id; then Arrays are $name['id'];
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