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  • Two included boxes side by side

    Hey everyone!

    I'm working on a car parts site for a client of mine. He wanted a year make and model function, so I added it in. The problem is, that he wants the drop down boxes in the header of the site. Check it out: http://http://quintaradesigns.com/ra.../osc/index.php

    I arranged the drop down boxes horizontally using a table, as seen in this code:
          $info_box_contents = array();
    	  $info_box_contents[] = array("text"  => $javascript); 
          $info_box_contents[] = array('form' => tep_draw_form('make_model_year', $action, 'get'),
                                       'text' => '' . '<table style="float:right;width:940px;"><td style="padding-top:6px;float:right;width:400px;"></td><td>' . tep_draw_pull_down_menu('Make', $Make_array, (isset($Make_selected_var) ? $Make_selected_var : ''), 'onChange="pop_model();"  style="width: 125px"') .'</td>'.
    								    '<td id="model_select">'.tep_draw_pull_down_menu('Model', $Model_array, (isset($Model_selected_var) ? $Model_selected_var : ''), 'onChange="pop_year();" style="width: 125px;"') .'</td>'.
    								    '<td id="year_select">'.tep_draw_pull_down_menu('Year', $Year_array, (isset($Year_selected_var) ? $Year_selected_var : ''), 'onChange="document.make_model_year.submit();" style="width: 125px;"') .'</td>'. 
    									$hidden_get_variables . tep_hide_session_id() .
    									'<td style="padding-top:4px;"><input type="submit" value="Go">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;<a href="'.$link.'">Clear Vehicle</a></td></table>' . '');
    The problem I'm having, is that I'm trying to put a search bar from search.php on the left side on the year_make_model.php box. I've tried putting both inside of div's and resizeing them to both fit on one line, thinking they would fall into place, but had no luck. I've also tried to include the search.php file inside YMM code right after the <table> tag, but it doesn't seem like <?php include(''); ?> will work within the code.

    I was seeing if anyone knew a good way to do this? Perhaps combine the search.php code and the YMM.php code to form one file? Any help would be greatly appreciated!