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  • Include into a target

    Is there a method to include() a file and point it's contents into a <div id>?

    I have some code which creates an external html file I'd like to be able to open in a div id when a link is clicked. Not sure if it's possible, and if not, perhaps there is another method of doing it?

    Thanks in advance!

    Eric, aka Dalsor
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    not directly, currently you can not get PHP to do anything from a client-side action, you could however include() the page into a hidden div and show the div onclick via javascript, Iframes may be an option for you though?
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      Thanks for the reply.

      I tried iframes and layers with a splash of javascript and failed miserably. I'll try asking over at the JS forum and see if someone can make sense of my script.

      Thanks again for the reply.
      if ( bad && possible ) happen();
      Sig re-written for faster processing...