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    What do you think of the ability to print a variable just by using the = sign and the variable name inside the PHP tags?

    The poll is expired.

    Jared Brandt

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    Who wouldn't like the option!
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    Jared Brandt


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      The only downfall as far as I'm aware of using <?= as oposed to
      <?php echo is... you'll not get a good validation return toward
      XHTML compliance.

      If you're using a nice modern version of PHP it does cut down on
      the ol' filesize by 7 bytes
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        And I just slaved over this computer for a few days and finally came out with my almost finsihed product of 12KB and I must say I used it a lot... Well, you know what they say 12KB is better than 13KB (although I'm sure I didn't use it THAT much, anyway)!
        Jared Brandt


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          I guess it could be useful in certain circumstances, but then again, good ol' <? echo(" "); ?> could be needed at times


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            Who voted no there?!

            The <?=$text?> syntax is great, and is one of the only things ASP has going for it...


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              Originally posted by Mouldy_Goat
              Who voted no there?!
              I did

              Just because I didn't know it existed; "Do you ENJOY of this ability?" that's why

              But then, who's the other one who voted no?

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                Originally posted by Mouldy_Goat
                Who voted no there?!

                The <?=$text?> syntax is great, and is one of the only things ASP has going for it...
                I voted no as I see little benefit over current syntax, I'm no php-guru so maybe I'm wrong but it may cause problems when you don't want to print the variable such as loading it into a *.swf amongst other things.
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                  Why is this poll closed already - after two days and 7 votes?

                  Anyway, I vote for "No", because I hardly see any great benefits from this shortcut option. Does it work also when short_open_tags is disabled (for working in XML documents)? I'm a bit skeptic there.
                  I tend to favor things more in the long run that are still readable after a project is finished two months ago. And with this shorthand syntax, it could be another server-side language.

                  <?php echo $foo; ?> gets my support, though I try to avoid cluttering the HTML source with lots of simple variable echos.
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                    One of the first things that grabbed me about PHP was not that there seemed to be a way to do everything I wanted but that there were often several ways of doing it, I think this is the case here, most non PHP'ers could guess what <?=$str;?> meant in a second or so.

                    But I think the whole point here is for non-coders, i.e. designers who want to include pre-written features, I have just written a few forms for a client and all the client has to do is insert


                    or whatever - wherever he wants it to appear in his page.

                    of course
                    <? echo ("$client_application_form");?>
                    <? echo $client_application_form;?>
                    <?print ("$client_application_form");?>
                    + printr() & surreal combos of include & readfile & implode(,file())etc etc all work, but for a non-programmer the first causes less confusion, ok its hard to get <? echo $this;?> wrong but they do !

                    also its less typing so I use it wherever I can
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