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Help with grabbing videos

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  • Help with grabbing videos

    I am planning on building a site based around a "video search engine" that searches multiple other video sites and displays the results on my search page. I basically want to be able to grab videos from other sites and display, and hopefully play them on my site. I can't seem to find anything about "how to grab videos and display them on your site". I've found scripts such as http://www.adultvideoscript.com/ but I'd rather learn how to grab videos myself. Can anyone send me the right direction? thanks

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    I think that getafreelancer.com or hireacoder.com would be a good place to start. Not sure if this forum has a similar section.


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      Read up on Pagination you will need to know that.
      Rowsdower! has accused me of having mental problems, and the administrator allowed it. What a great forum huh?


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        If I have to I'll probably check out hiring a coder, but first I want to check into on my own.

        Pagination is just like how I want to organize and display the results of the search right? I know a little about that but that would be something useful thanks.