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Developing a web service to connect PHP ad .NET

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  • Developing a web service to connect PHP ad .NET


    I have something like this:

    I also have an oracle based SAP portal that runs off a different server.
    The SAP server/portal has data entered through data operators for data like: potential clients for my company.

    This SAP server also runs .NET server.

    I have a website based on a different server that runs off the WAMP platform running on PHP/MYSQL.

    Now what I need to do is:

    The databases on the WAMP server and the SAP server are quite similar and share a lot of common fields.

    So I need to do something like this:
    Establish a connection between the PHP/MySQL based Website and the SAP server through a web service and automatically populate the website's fields.

    How do I get started with a web service that can be capable of doing something like that ? SOAP and XML is supposed to be used for this task.