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locking php files

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  • locking php files

    is there any other want to lock php files but zend and icons ionCube loaders maybe somting free or a good price

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    Not that I'm aware of. Typically nothing that has the power to do something like that is ever free.


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      Zend is not expensive if you will use it for your own purpose. You can send them email and explain that you are beginner software developer and you need a big discount because you will use their program for non commercial purpose. You could get their program form 100 to 300... once I bought it for 100 but next their they ask me to pay 150 (but I was student).


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        um is there anythink that dose not cost to much out there that anyone know of


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          for custom scripts i am going to be running one web site could i now do a php include on some of the files from my server ? or would that not work and would it be a bad idea to do that i not worryed about using the bandwidth of my server