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Free smtp server php mail()

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  • Free smtp server php mail()

    hey im wondering if there is any1 of you out there who knows a free (free 4ever)
    smtp server who works with the php mail() function and who are maked for linux and who also works with @hotmail accounts that would be great with a link too ^^


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    Here is some


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      hmm i DO think why i didnt thoughabout that ^^ anyway thanks. i must be to tirred so im gonna go to sleeep zzzzz


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        hmm found a package for ubuntu (which is what im using) if any1 wants it you should type this in your terminal like when you are installing all other applications ...

        sudo apt-get install postfix


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          I fully understand your question but I strongly suggest to use some other than open SMTP relay. The reason is obvious... any open SMTP server will be added to SpamHourse’s database (since spammers will use it for spam purpose) and all your emails will be automatically marked as possible SPAM or even worse they will be declined so you will never know that recipient did not get you email.

          To solve such problem I get used to use gmail account (they are clean) to send emails and since gmail changes sender’s email to the original gmail account the best idea is to forward all incoming letters from gmail to your real email (could be done frome settings).

          So in case if someone will press replay button and send email to your gmail account, gmail will automatically forwarded it to you.

          For gmail accounts I have used following class http://sourceforge.net/projects/phpmailer/