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    I was going through CakePHP. Since I am new to frameworks I have this question in my mind for you guys who are already into Frameworks,.

    Do not you guys feel more flexibility in developing an application without using any framework? or you think a framework is a must to develop major applications?

    The reason I am asking is that I feel its more flexible to develop an app if I use a core PHP instead of a framework.

    Please help me clear my doubts.


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    Hey mate i find my self asking my self should i use a framework like Zend or not all the time but i find it better to know what my code is doing and how its doing it.

    also every time i go to look at how frameworks do things i tend to find there way of doing things conflict with how i feel they should be done so i dont actualy use a framework instead i try to write a common set of classess that i uses for example i created my own MVC class set to deal with the MVC pattern and stuff like that i also find frameworks have a large overhead because there trying to cover all possible uses and etc


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      hey moderator.

      i suggest that we sticky out questions about php framework because i think they are important and .. not just discussing about general php .. why dont we making kind of sub thread or something for framework?



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        Using a framework not necessary means you can create a website faster, you need to fully understand how does the framework do its things(try to practice and use it more and you would start to like it). One thing for sure, using a framework usually means that you would have a more secure application as they force you to do it in a consistent way.

        I personally felt that Zend framework is not that easy to learn as they have too many classes and component, but their classes can be use outside their framework. Worth learning.


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          My question is that, how do manage with a framework when you have to fire a complex sql query, which includes multiple joins and whatnot?


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            Each of the framework will allows you to use raw sql query.
            In cakephp it would be:
            $this->query('SELECT count(*) FROM users');

            But most of times, the built in active record is good enough.

            Framework are not that inflexible, you just got to use it more and understand more in order to get use to it(Usually couple of months).
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