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What programming approach do you suggest?

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  • What programming approach do you suggest?

    I am developing a tic tac toe game that writes each players move and all game info to a mysql database. I need the game board to update on the other player's game after a move is made, with some sort of event listener, I suppose.

    What is the approach here: Flash/php/mysql?
    Can this be done with just php and mysql?
    Is JavaScript absolutely necessary?

    I want to preserve a live game feel, but also allow for players to log in and make their move days or weeks later.

    What options do you see?

    I appreciate your guidance.

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    You can do it in ajax/flash or java.
    Since you need to know whether the other user have make a move, you need a persistent connection by socket or polling to get the information, than you would know when you can make a move.