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    Hey, I'm having problems and need help.

    I'm looking to create a text area code where you can save it, and then it posts your text on the same page. Then when you return to the page, you can edit it.

    I got the basic text area code, and I've been looking on google, combining some codes, but couldn't figure it out, please help. Thanks

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    Just to give you some idea.

    Write the codes to a file (codes.txt)
    To do that look through here:

    Good luck!

    (might want to check the post a php snippet section of this forum)


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      Yea, I'm lost looking through there. I'm a noob at this stuff, I mostly work with mafia texted based games like thugz4lyfe.com, where the files are there, then I play with them from there.


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        it depends what is your use with that text area and what text size it will be.

        you said `save`, but you might want to save it on mySql db which can be faster..
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          font size, 10-12, dont really matter and yes... save it with mysql

          when I say save, it's like posting right, it would be like a message board, but isntead of posting numerous message, you edit the same one all the time.
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            when i wrote size i meant the length of the hall thing, not font size.

            it's a simple thing to learn and very basic.
            I suggest you'll start from the beginning, and if you got a trouble then post here.

            start learn forms and when you think you hit it move on to sql.

            good luck!
            :. -= | Eran | =- .: