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session not working on IE

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  • session not working on IE

    My application in PHP is running fine with IE,Mozilla etc but i found peculiar problem that it is not working on IE on some PCs with os windows Vista.In the same machine on mozilla it is working.Also it is working fine with some other PC with windows Vista. what will be the cause? Is some antivirus software will prevent session excution? if anybody have any clue pl.

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    Not a PHP problem, its a usage issue. Sounds like the user's are rejecting cookies through their IE. Its technically possible that this is blocked by an AV program, but I'd still go with the disabled cookie route.

    Sessions are passed in two ways, the first is via a cookie, and the second is via the querystring in the uri. If neither are found, its assumed that no session is established.

    PHP will not append the session id to you're url's unless you're using enable_trans_sid as a configuration. If enabled, it will attempt to establish a cookie, and if that fails it will append a sessionid to any url that has been generated.

    I should note that session_start can fail if it is called at an inappropriate time. If any previous output has been sent to the browser and output buffering is not in use, it will attempt to send a cookie and fail. I assume this isn't an issue for you're code since you indicated that its not a problem with every browser.
    PHP Code:
    header('HTTP/1.1 420 Enhance Your Calm'); 
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