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PHP and POP3 Mailbox

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  • PHP and POP3 Mailbox


    Is there any way to manage a POP3 Mailbox with checking, reading andsending mails with PHP?

    Someone knows where I can Documantation about this?

    Thx a lot!

    Saludo, Piz.

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    pop3 documentation:

    Sendmail documentation

    I know the documentation of the php manual is not always clear but it has everything you need.
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      i think you need a special library for using pop3. be aware that recieving mail is pop3 and sending it is sendmail
      to send mail just use this function(*nix systems only i think
      PHP Code:
      mail("[email protected]""subject""the message\n this is sendmail""from: [email][email protected][/email]"
      notice the "from" field at the end, this is one of the additional headers, these can be used to describe differnt parts of the mailing process like the mailer, the mailer version nand all diferntt types of things. and it can be used to change to from field. this is why some hosts (and nearly all the free ones) dont have smtp or pop3 support with php. hope that helps
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        I know the mail-function, But I want to know how to create a simple web-mailer-skript.
        (with receiving and sending mails)

        I think you need a special library, too. But I am not sure.

        Thx for the links. There you need an additional library, too.

        Greetz, piz


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          Yes, you have to have the IMAP library to use any of the IMAP functions. Um, you could however use fsockopen to establish a connection with a pop3 server and send commands to it that way. I wrote a small script a while ago that did this, i was not allowed to enable IMAP functions on our webserver.

          I think its right anyway.


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            try this tutorial

            Building a PHP based mail client
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