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  • PHP, MySQL on Linux system


    Env: SuSE 10.1 Linux
    DB: MySQL 5
    Scripting: PHP 5
    Encoding: utf8

    I am using PHP (phpbbheb - hebrew phpbb) and mysql 5 to store its data.
    When I use the script and database in windows environment it is all set properly. I even recheck it and installed again the database on the windows machine, and it worked flowlessly.

    Yet, I started building a SuSE linux machine, that will eventually store all my scripts and databases. I didn't install from scratch the phpbb, rather exported it from MySQL on windows to MySQL in SuSE. The data seems to be inserted into the database properly [Browsing it with phpMyAdmin on the linux machine].

    The problem starts when trying to get the data from the database to the browser. On one hand all the internal data stored in the scripts is being presented properly, while the data from the database presents gibrish characters. I tried in every possiable encoding the browser got to display the hebrew characters, but with no success.

    The database stores the tables with utf8, both client and server properties. So I eleminated that the problem is from the mysql database. Do I need to put something special in the scripts on linux to display utf8? Why isn't it being deplyed without any bugs to linux?

    Please help...
    God helps those who help others.