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Help - How To Trigger To Send Email?

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  • Help - How To Trigger To Send Email?

    My system currently have the send email feature using mail() from PHP. The problem is that the user need to click on 'Send Email' button to send the email. I would like to enhance it so that it could send out email on every 3 days or so. I have searched over the Internet and couldn't get any relevant example. Can you give me some idea / examples? What is the best form to trigger the system to send the email ? Do I need to write a C program or stored procedure or any other method? FYI, I'm using PostgreSQL + Linux Server.
    Thanks in advance!

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    you need to set up a cron job --> that will request the php page that sends the mails.
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      anything automated you want to do cron job is the only answer and in case of this email problem

      you just need to setup a cron job in the CPanel of your websites. and set the time to run email utility after 72 hours

      that it
      you are done