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  • PayPal IPN??


    Is there a way to pass 'additional' information to PayPal? (for example, a 'username' or 'password' that the customer filled out before clicking the 'add to cart' button?)

    I've heard of something called PayPal IPN.... would that do it?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    First off along with the button you create in paypal you are able to add textfields which you could use to capture a username and password although there's better ways of doing it.

    eg. I would capture the details in session variables and have them append to the return url ....the return url something you specify when creating the button in paypal.

    IPN is something unrelated.........although an important issue.....basically if you switch IPN on (in paypal) you can receive a real time update when the payment has actually gone through successfully..........obviously when it does you can update your own sales database.

    Possibly you may not know but you're able to set up your own testing environment in paypal (paypal sandbox) if you go to http://developer.paypal.com there you can play around with all these things.

    I've just skimmed over these things .........if anything's still not clear just reply and I'll go through it again.


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      You can make use of the field called "custom" to pass an additional information to the paypal. Paypal will return this information along with other payment information in IPN.


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        Paypal provide three fields that you can pass what you want along with the regular Paypal fields. One of these is 'custom' and the other two are user definable. You can store all of the extra info you need in a database and pass the record key through Paypal in one of these fields and then use it at the other end to retrieve the rest of the info out of the database.
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          you can include the username in the "Item Name" or "Item Number" and have your IPN script take that out of the $_POST['item_name']. i suggest saving the order information including the username- and password-to-be and have a field like `approved` = 'no' until IPN activates it from the database based on a unique Item Number you give it.