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Unzip files on Remote Host???

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  • Unzip files on Remote Host???

    I'm having HUGE difficulties ftp-ing about 100+mb CRM to my host's server. Can anyone make a reccomendation on a way to unzip my files on my hosts server? I've caught in the wind it might be possible via php, and I've long thought "If only I could zip this beast, upload and then unzip..."


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    If you have cPanel, it has an option of "extracting" zipped files. This is the preferred method especially when uploading complex scripts like forums that need lots of folders and files.

    Go to File Manager, select file, on the right a little menu with options should come up, select extract.

    If you don't have cPanel, I sugguest you get your hands on it because it is a very handy way to do a lot of things.


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      running a CRM system off a server if you only have ftp access is going to be 'interesting'. If you have a control panel of some kind or (preferably) shell access, you can do all manner of things.
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