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  • call home page with personal image on it

    I run a fantasy football site and I need a script to do the following. I thought I could get by on javascript but I would probably need a cgi script to do this I think:

    Member inserts a pin or ID into index page and is branched to a home page common to all users but with his or her own team appearing as an image at the top of it. He can navigate from there around common areas of the site but whenever he clicks the home button on each page it brings him back to the home page but with his team image still in it. Hope that's clear

    I'd be grateful for any help anyone can offer.


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    You could do all that page to be printed via the cgi script, so the scripts looks of the the id and prints the team image. that is easy,

    tell me if you dont know perl.



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      don't know Perl

      I'd be extremely grateful for advice - or indeed coding - that you can offer, Calilo. Thank you for your reply.