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    Where can I go to learn about CGI and perl? I would like to learn

    it but I don't know where to go to learn. Please send me some

    links on where I should go to learn.


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    The way I learnt Perl, was originally that I downloaded a simple CGI Poll script for my website. Soon after learning how to make it executable on my server, I found that the poll script did not work correctly. Looking at the code, I could see a lot of problems without actually knowing the language! This is where I started, and after about a week I had written my own poll script which used cookies and ip storage (to prevent re-voting), because the original was just so messy (half the code did not do anything, and was not needed!)

    However, finding Perl so easy I think is either because I have the "brain" for it (apparently not everyone has a suitable brain for programming), or that I have some knowledge in other languages.

    I have never actually read any tutorials as such, but simply searched the web for bits and bobs. Say if I wanted to know how to read from a file, I would search on Google something like "reading files Perl".

    Just search Google for "Perl tutorials" if you like... an obvious thing to do if you want to start any programming language.

    Here is my site:
    The site is all written in Perl, XHTML and CSS. I have even written my own forums and things such as visitor messages, page comments, polls etc.
    I have only known Perl for about 4 months now.

    if ($ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} eq "Afrow UK") {
    print "$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} rocks!";
    } else {
    print qq~$ENV{'QUERY_STRING'} sucks :)~;


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      You should be careful when googling for Perl tutorials, though, because there is a lot of bad information out there. I would recommend starting at http://learn.perl.org/library/beginning_perl/