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  • question, might need redirecting

    Im working on a new site, and need some guidance, i want to essentially let people make a account, that can store layouts, tutorials, or other items on my site, be able to add and remove from that list and use that same account in the forums, i have no idea of how to go about doing this, and would love someone to atleast guide me.

    Like on amazon.com you can add stuff to your wish list or checkout the items, i want to eventually sell through the site and would like the same concepts, thanks in advance for any advice, isorry if this is in the wrong section.

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    You might not like this response, but ...

    What you are trying to do requires a rather extensive knowledge
    of Perl and/or PHP - MySQL.

    Not only is it going to be highly in-depth, but to have an actual
    shopping cart with credit card acceptance will require a
    "merchant account" and a secure server ... these things cost
    money above and beyond the webhosting that allows PHP/MySQL.

    You sound like you might be just "getting into" the world of
    server-side scripting. I'm guessing you might not be quite
    ready to take this on yourself.

    I suggest you sit down with someone who knows about the
    requirements needed to accomplish your goal ... expect the fees
    to be in the "hundreds of dollars" per year category.

    Although everyone on this forum could (and does) all of the things
    you are asking about, getting help through a forum for every
    question and problem you encounter is going to be really
    frustrating for you. I would recommend you seek professional
    one-on-one help.



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      thanks for the info, i dont want credit card acceptance tho, i was going to do checkout through paypal because most products are not going to be very expensive, i just kind of want them to be able to log in when they get to the site, add something to their 'wish list' page and later be able to buy the product through paypals checkout, and use that name they are logged in as in the forums, would that be easier or am i still dealing with allot of time to get that set up?


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        It would be less expensive to use PayPal because you actually
        use their server (remote access) to process the money stuff.

        But, it still will involve a lot of script installations, whether it be
        Perl or PHP. You will need to find the scripts (usually there are
        free ones), install them, configure them, troubleshoot ... etc.

        Again, find a friend, co-worker, relative, etc that can help you do
        the server-side programming.



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          right on, thanks man