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Simple (probably) help needed...

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  • Simple (probably) help needed...

    I pretty much know nothing about CGI.
    I have a website with two textboxes ("name" and "imname")
    Then a "submit" button

    I want to save values that are inside the two textboxes (to the cgi-bin I suppose?)

    How do I do this? (Keep in mind I do not really know anything about CGI)


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    You are going to have to set up a form that sends the data on your html page, then a cgi program to read and save it. There are plenty here :

    and most are free, try and find one close to what you want, or that has enough instructions that you can adapt it.

    When you say "Keep in mind I do not really know anything about CGI" you are at least going to have to know how to install a script. If you do not know that then try here :

    Also, do you know how to write a form in html, or do you just use a html editor. If you do not know html, then when choosing which program to use, pick one that has the html page ready for you as well.

    Failing that, there are companies that will provide an externally hosted form for you either for a fee, or free in exchange for advertising, but I am afraid I have not saved any bookmarks for them, so if that is what you want you will have to use Google to find them.